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Description Quadrati is a unique puzzle game the likes of which you've never seen before. With high quality graphics and effects and over 80 completely unique puzzles your brain will be transfixed and entertained for quite some time.

Where else can you get a completely new and unique puzzle game with over 80 puzzles for only 99 cents? Here! That's where! Try Quadrati Lite for a small taste of what this wonderful puzzle game offers.

Complete each puzzle by eliminating all lines and icons on the game board. It looks easy, but looks can be deceiving! You can only tap one icon at a time, and subsequent icons you tap must be connected to the previous one by a line. Lines will be destroyed when you tap icons that are connected by a line. Icons will be destroyed when they no longer have any lines attached to them. Most puzzles have multiple ways to solve them...try to find them all!

Quadrati has been tested on OS versions 3.0+