Current Version Version: 1.1
Developer Riot Games
Price Free
Filed Under Games
Age rating 9+
  • iPhone (Original)
  • iPod Touch
  • iPhone 3G


Enter the magical world of Runeterra, the setting of the highly anticipated PC game League of Legends. League of Legends: Turret Defense represents the newest evolution in the popular mobile tower defense genre.

Strategically select and place upgradeable turrets on the field, and defend against countless waves of minions, dragons and even a few of the famed Champions from League of Legends.

Test your skills in Normal mode learn the game and perfect your strategies, then try the Endless mode to see just how long you can defend the field!
Enter the game and see if you can become the premier tower defender in all of Runeterra!
"Simply amazing, just like the PC game"

"This game rules...can't believe it's free because it's better than most pay games, but hey I'm not complaining! So much fun. League of legends rules!!!!"

"This game is sick! Riot Games is becoming a genius in game innovation, League of Legends is just the beginning I am sure!"

League of Legends is the ultimate RPG battle arena that features dozens of champions, level progression across games, intelligent matchmaking, and much more.

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