Current Version Version: 2.0.7
Author Widget Press, Inc.
Price Free
Description Harness the power of collecting information remotely, right from your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. FormEntry Touch is the perfect tool for collecting data quickly and easily. Click "... More" to learn why you should download this App. Do you have a sales force that uses the iPad and iPhone? Are you a teacher and want to deliver your exams to a classroom on the iPad? Are you a restauranteur wanting to see your menu on the iPad for your patrons and wait staff? Luckily, you have FormEntry, so creating custom form apps is drop dead easy. Design your form apps with Apple's Staff Pick, FormEntry for Mac and deliver all your custom form applications to an office or classroom full of iPads, iPhones or iPod touches over a Wi-Fi network. Once your users complete the forms, you can have the forms sent from anywhere on a cellular network or over Wi-Fi. As the form app author, you can choose to have the forms sent via email, web post or as a JSON object for web services. SIGNATURE Add the ability to capture a signature within your form from within FormEntry Touch. With just a stroke an index finger, you can capture the user's signature. SPIN WHEEL PICKER Add a spin picker to capture a selected item from your users. PHOTO PICKER Add the ability to add photos to your forms by taking photos from the iPhone camera or by using the built-in Photo Library. CHECKMARK Capture a check or uncheck for a grouping of information. DATE & TIME PICKER Capture a countdown, date, date & time or time based controls from your mobile users. SWITCHES Add the on-off toggle switch for form apps. TAB BROWSING Add the standard tab bar sections at the bottom of your form apps with icons. TIME EXPIRATION Easily expire your form from user input with a timer. LOCATION EXPIRATION Set your FormEntry for Mac document to expire if your users leave the original paired Wi-Fi network. MUCH MUCH MORE There are dozens of unique features within FormEntry for Mac that delivers custom form apps to your iOS users. Requirements FormEntry for Mac or FormEntry Server is required to connect and transfer your forms to FormEntry Touch. An Internet connection is required to send the form data to an email address or web service.

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