Current Version Version: 1.1
Author Esteban Garro
Price $1.00
Description Follow the world of tennis, soccer, and the Winter Olympic Games 2010 in a single application!

Keep track of the medal results for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games with information that updates automatically every time you launch this app! This application connects to our server and will provide you with the latest medal counting anywhere you are. You will also be able to see a information about all the Vancouver 2010 Olympic venues and find out which events are taking place in which venue!

The 2010iTracker allows you to read the news from 3 different RSS Feeds:

The official Vancouver 2010 RSS Feed,
the Southafrica2010 FIFA World Cup RSS Feed, and
the ATP World Tour Headline News RSS Feed.

This application also displays the world FIFA and ATP rankings, and if you are connected to the Internet, you will be able to read information about the Winter Olympic Teams, the ATP Players, and the Southafrica2010 World Cup Teams!

The 2010iTracker is a simple app that will keep you updated with the Soccer, Tennis and Winter Medals world rankings. Enjoy!

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