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Do your children always ring you asking to be picked up from certain locations such as sports events, after school activities, the mall or the cinema for example and do you have trouble getting their actual location. Well this is where Dad’s Taxi comes into play….

This app allows your children (Or in fact anybody) to easily obtain their location information and sent it too you in the form of a predefined email or text message in three simple steps:

1. Start Dads Taxi.
2. Shake the phone.
3. Send your location.

Dads Taxi 2 has been rewritten and given a UI update to make best use of the new features of iOS4.

Here are some of the new and updated features:

+ Multitasking - Shake and do something else while we locate!

+ Take and Use New Photo or Select Existing Photos of your location to your Pickup Request (Please Note: Taking photos is only available on iPhone)

+ Post your Pickup Request to your Facebook Wall!

+ Pickup Request can be sent by Email or Text Message from within the application to new or existing contacts.

+ Improved Accuracy of location.

+ Adjustable Location Finder Countdown to maximize location accuracy!


You are now able to use iOS4's multitasking features (If you are using an iPhone 3GS or iPhone4).

You can now shake to locate and while we obtain your location you could be using another app because as soon as we locate you a notification will be displayed so you can return to Dads Taxi to view your location information so you can make your pickup request.

When your current location is found you can view all of the details on the Location tab. In this view you will be able to see your location's address as well as the navigational information such as Latitude, Longitude etc and from this tab you are able to Take or Add Photos and/or Send Your Location.

Sending your location information (In the form of Pickup Request) from right in the application is so easy as we have made use of in-application Text Messaging and Email which allows you to enter any contact's email / mobile number or select one straight from your contacts without leaving the application!

You can also take or attach a photo of your location from within the application which is added to the Pickup Request email which might help explain where you are to your "Taxi".

You are now able to post your location to your Facebook wall so maybe one of your friends could come and Meet/Pick you up!

Please remember that due to GPS limitations please use the application OUTSIDE.

It really is as simple as:

Start Dads Taxi!
Shake Your Phone to Locate!
Send Your Location!

** This Version is for iOS4 only (Do not update if you are not running it) and the multitasking abilities are only available on either the iPhone 3Gs or iPhone 4 devices **

** Please Note: The continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. **

If you have any ideas or suggestions for future versions of Dads Taxi then please contact us.

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