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Description Where's the next interstate exit with a Chick-Fil-A? Where's the next exit with a Hampton Inn, Shell Station, and a Dunkin Donuts? Where's the next Rest Area? Where is the closest Starbucks, even when I'm not on the interstate? iExit knows. And for less than a kid's meal, you can know too. ➤ What is iExit? iExit easily communicates where your next interstate stop should be within seconds of starting up, even when running in the background (iOS4 compatible!). It automatically determines if you're on the interstate, what direction you're traveling, and which upcoming exits contain your favorite chain brands. Whether you're looking for a single chain brand, an exit with multiple chains, or a Rest Area, iExit has you covered. Though iExit is designed for interstate travel, it is quite useful off the interstate as well. Ever had a Starbucks craving but didn't know where to find one? Ever needed to find a Walmart or Target? Use iExit to find locations and get turn-by-turn directions for over 300 chain brands whether on or off the interstate. iExit stores its point-of-interest data locally on your iPhone so it doesn't require phone service to work; it only requires a clear view of the sky for the GPS device to work. With AT&T's new limited data plans, iExit's local storage implementation helps ensure you don't exceed your data limit. ★★★★★ Reviews "iExit is a valuable resource for travelers in general and especially so for parents of picky eaters." ☞ "Plenty of free apps will tell you which businesses are nearby, but iExit groups them handily by freeway exit." ☞ "There's something to be said for this kind of convenience, especially if you're a serious road-tripper." ☞ "Where can you get off for gas or food? Where can you find a campground or hotel? At highway speeds you can easily whip past the exit you need. iExit shows you exactly what you'll find off the highway. And it'll tell you which exit you need to watch for." ☞ Kim Komando iExit has been featured on the App Store's "New and Noteworthy" and "What's Hot" section. ➤ POI Categories (Customizable) ✔ Unleaded Gas ✔ Diesel Gas ✔ Biofuel ✔ Fast Food ✔ Sit Down Food ✔ Coffee ✔ Ice Cream ✔ Chain Hotels ✔ Independent Hotels ✔ Auto Services ✔ Trucker Services ✔ Campgrounds ✔ Shopping ➤ Important Notes ● GPS features are only supported on the iPhone and 3G iPad. ● iExit is compatible with iOS 3.0 and later. ● Because of iExit's large size, you must download over WiFi or directly through iTunes. ● Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. To prevent iExit from running in the background, turn off Local Notifications on the Options menu. Application development by Metrocket, LLC