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Description ** Featured in the Washington Post! ** With “Am I Safe?” you’ll never have to wonder if you are heading to, or currently in, a bad area again! Input your travel destination, or let “Am I Safe?” detect your current location and this handy travel app will compile Census data, FBI & police statistics, and user feedback to determine the relative risk of your location. If you feel that the results were right on or completely off, let us know with the “Agree” and “Disagree” options and the assessment will be instantly updated with your feedback. Ah, peace of mind! Note: While the app is available worldwide, only user opinion info is available outside of the US. In the US, the ratings are based on government statistics in addition to user opinion. Coming Soon: - Automatic safety alerts based on your location (OS 4.0) Yappler-Tags: safe, safety, crime, travel, city, state, country, zip code, neighborhood, safeness