Current Version Version: 1.2.1
Author Chris Adamson
Price $3.00
Description Road Tip is the safer, saner way to find gas, food, and lodging along US highways, with a no-fuss, one-thumb interface. Want to know how far ahead the next exit is, and what kind of stuff is there? Want to know how far to hold out for a favorite brand? These answers are a tap away with Road Tip.

Launch the app and Road Tip gets to work, using the iPhone's GPS to find your location and course of travel (note that you need to be in motion, on a US freeway, for Road Tip to function). Once GPS is ready, Road Tip does a live search to figure out what freeway you're on, where it goes, and what's available at its exits.

Tap "Exits" to get a list of upcoming exits and their distance. Tap any of these to get lists of the gas stations, restaurants, and hotels convenient to that exit.

Or, tap "Services" to get all gas stations, restaurants, or hotels on the road ahead, listed by exit number.

In either mode, tap a result to get a map of the destination relative to its exit. From here, tap the action button at the top of the screen to switch control to the iPhone's built-in Maps application.

You can also use the Settings application to set your favorite services, and search just for those.

Tap the "info" button to extend your service subscription, or browse the "Road Tip Tips" help section, to get the most out of the app.

NOTE: the purchase price includes the app and three months of search service. You will be able to extend your service in 12-month increments with in-app purchase for $4.99 per year.

Visit Road Tip's homepage at and learn tricks and tips on the Road Tip Tips page, at .

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Do you have questions or problems? E-mail (Seriously, you'll get a lot more help from an e-mail than from just a low rating, and that's true of all apps)

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SAFETY NOTE: as with any electronic device, please use caution and good sense when driving and do not use Road Tip if it becomes a distraction to you.

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