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Description Handyman Glossary

To help you understand the jargon and put you at ease with some of the terminology you may be exposed to when hiring, working, or studying, we have compiled a glossary of commonly used industry terminology, lingo, descriptions, Equipment, and deffinitions.

We have built this Glossary on Handyman in a very easy to use application. It has been designed so that you can easily find what you are looking for without the confusion, limitations, and frustration like so many other applications out there on the iDevices

Do you know of any Handyman Terms that we somehow overlooked when we created this application? We would love to include them. Just use the applications direct email to us and we will include it in our next update. With the help of our customers we constantly improve our applications making the users experience more enjoyable.


- Very easy to use Glossary/Dictionary based layout
- Lots of Handyman terminology, equipment, lingo, an definitions.
- Search through our database in alphabetical order.
- Search using any keyword.
- Direct email access to us through the application.
- Give us feedback directly through the application.