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Pocket Reference: Everything you didn’t know you need!


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Pocket Reference App is a comprehensive library with links to more than 500 reference websites.

This deceptively simple tool allows you to find virtually any piece of information you need, and is efficiently organized to allow for quick and easy access.

Whether you’re looking for the definition of the word “nougat,” or searching for car repair guides, Pocket Reference App has a volume for every venture.


• In-app links to more than 500 references, how-to, newsfeed, timewaster and information websites
• More than 185 mobile-friendly websites included
• Grouped into 50 categoriesl
• Favorites—bookmark your most frequented sites for even quicker access
• Suggest-a-link: Have a site you would like to add? Suggest it!

• Not sure how to cite sources in MLA format? Pocket Reference App offers links to language formatting guides.
• Looking for tech reviews before you buy that sleek digital camera? Pocket Reference App will guide you to the top tech reviews of the day.
• Want to make your life a little greener? Pocket Reference App features the freshest sites you’ll need to reduce your carbon footprint.

With this app in your arsenal, you’ll never be without the sterling knuckles of knowledge. When someone asks you to look it up, respond with three simple words: Pocket Reference App.

Pocket Reference App was created in MEDL Mobile’s App Incubator. The idea was submitted by Tim Vinsant, an electronics salesman and renowned Cybernaut from Little Rock, Arkansas. Tim’s idea was to create an application that consolidates every stand-alone reference app into a powerful centralized tool.

We are proud to call Pocket Reference App a Shiny MEDL Object. You can see all of them at And if you have an idea for an app that you’d like to see on the app store someday, visit