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Price Free
Description Pastefire is the ultimate action oriented desktop-to-iPhone pasteboard utility.

★★★FREE★★★ [hurry before we change our mind :) ]

Save time/be more efficient:

- Found a phone number in the yellow pages? Dial it instantly from your iPhone
- Spotted a cool URL while browsing? Open it instantly on mobile safari
- Seen a cool picture on the web? Add it instantly to your iPhone photo gallery


:: How to use pastefire? ::

1. Simply copy content to the CopyZone using the simple text box, or the supplied bookmarklet.
2. Then launch the Pastefire iPhone app and trigger your chosen action.


:: Pastefire top features ::

- 1 click auto-mode actions include: phone number autodial, URL opening, transfer to iPhone clipboard
- smart URL, email address and phone number recognition
- common actions include: open in safari, SMS to or with content, Email to and with content, search on Google or Wikipedia
- call to skypeout (on wifi when active)
- Send to Twitter (Tweetie & Twitterriffic autodiscovered if installed)


:: Other features ::

- turn-key: no extra download required
- super safe: 256bit SSL encryption
- super fast: memorize your login/password for up to 1 year (on web site) for repeat usage from multiple computers
- super easy: auto discover apps installed for common actions (skype, tweetie, twitterific, more to come)
- super free: did we that already?

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