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Description Everything you need to know about the basics of Ice Hockey - The History, Equipment, Rules, etc. A collection of articles that will help you gain a better understanding of the game, whether you're a spectator or a player.

Learn about the history and origins of Ice Hockey, facts & trivia, as well as a basic introduction to the rules of the game.

Topics covered include:
- Ice Hockey International Competitions
- Beyond the Game: Developing Sportsmanship
- Comparing Ice Hockey and Field Hockey
- Necessary Gear and Equipment
- History of Ice Hockey
- History of Ice Hockey as an Olympic Sport
- History of Sledge Hockey
- Ice Hockey: The Object of the Game
- Ice Hockey as a Sport
- Not a Sport for the Weak!
- Ice Hockey Play Times and Overtime
- Issuance and Reasons for Penalties
- Learn the Game Well Before You Compete
- Notable Game Attendance Records
- World Championships in Ice Hockey
- Purpose of Officials
- Rules of Sledge Hockey
- Tactics of the Game
- Rules of Ice Hockey
- The Competitive Angle
- The Importance of Safety Equipment
- Ice Hockey in Popular Culture
- Using Ice Hockey to Stay in Shape
- Women's Ice Hockey and the Olympics

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