Current Version Version: 1.1
Author Keith Harris
Price Free
Description Macworld: "cute"

The Guardian: "truly lovely"

AppShouter: "really cool"

It's time to fall in love with your iPhone, all over again.

The "most romantic iPhone app every built" gives you a fun way to track how far you are from the person or place your heart longs for.

A simple red heart beats away on your screen. When you are far away, the heart grows small and beats more slowly. As you draw ever closer, the heart swells to fill the screen and beats ever more quickly. At the beginning, your heart is small and blue. If you are by yourself, go to the place you love most in the world and 'fall in love' by tapping the heart.

Two iPhone users can fall in love with each other by tapping their hearts at the same time and place. From then on, as long as they both check the app regularly, the display shows them how far they have strayed from each other.

Lovers can send 'thought sparkles' to each other - simple text messages that appear as little stars dancing around their partner's heart.

Optionally, Cupid's Compass will puncture your heart with an arrow that spins round to show you the shortest route back along love's tricky path. Follow the arrow to be reunited with your lover or perfect place.

Fall out of love by repeatedly tapping and shaking the heart until it cracks and breaks. Then you are free to go elsewhere and fall in love again.

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