Current Version Version: 1.6
Author Alexander Ledinsky
Price $3.00
Description F-SIM Space Shuttle is a highly realistic flight simulator. It simulates the Space Shuttle approach and landing in unprecedented detail and accuracy. Take command of the Orbiter during the final minutes of descent and safely touchdown at John F. Kennedy Space Center or Edwards Air Force Base. After touchdown, sophisticated landing analysis is available. Only the best pilots are awarded a "perfect landing" score, and even those can push their limits and put their skills to the ultimate test by adding wind, gusts, and turbulence or simulating system failures like a stuck speedbrake.  Have you got the "right stuff"? Download F-SIM Space Shuttle and find out!  F-SIM Space Shuttle has received rave reviews from flight simulation enthusiasts across the world and is ranked among the best simulations in the App Store. As a universal build, it is optimized for all iOS devices and takes advantage of the high-resolution screens on the iPhone 4, 4th generation iPod touch models, and of course the iPad. Testimonials:  • "Absolutely awesome app that is a must for Shuttle huggers and aspiring astronauts" - Chris Bergin, Managing Editor • "I was excited to see that I can enjoy flying the Space Shuttle realistically also on my iPhone and complement my addiction to our Space Shuttle Mission Simulator on PC when I am on the road." Alex L.,  • "F-SIM Space Shuttle's stunning visuals, convincing flight dynamics and realistic HUD make it one of the finest simulators I've ever seen. A must have!" - Florian Wardell, Editor  With F-SIM Space Shuttle you can:  • Land at both shuttle landing facilities (John F. Kennedy Space Center and Edwards Air Force Base) • Fly final or full approaches and freely select one of the four possible heading-alignment-cones (HAC) and the HAC turn angle • Configure wind and turbulence for authentic flight conditions • Fly night and overcast approaches and configure visibility • Simulate system failures (a stuck speedbrake, HUD/guidance failures, etc.)  • Manually control the Orbiters's rudder, speedbrake, gear and chute or let the autopilot control these things and focus on flying. F-SIM Space Shuttle features: • A 3D virtual cockpit • A built in manual and tutorials (also available online at • Achievements and online leaderboards (OpenFeint and GameCenter)  • Photo-realistic graphics • A sophisticated simulation of the guidance, navigation and control systems and a fully functional head-up display • An accurate flight dynamics model • Visual landing aids like the PAPI and the ball/bar light system on each runway • Detailed landing analysis, including touchdown point, vertical speed, maximum weight on each wheel, etc.  F-SIM Space Shuttle has been developed and custom built for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad to push the envelope of these fantastic devices:  • Hardware texture compression to store a large number of ultra-high-resolution textures • Special effects like water reflections, limited visibility (ground fog), runway lights, etc. • Runs smoothly even on older (1st generation) hardware • Takes full advantage of the new retina displays or the iPad's large screen We continue to make F-SIM Space Shuttle even better and listen to our customers. Your feedback is highly appreciated; please visit us at  Looking for a great Space Shuttle simulation for your PC? Check out Exciting Simulations' Space Shuttle Mission Simulator at

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