• Pivots to portrait mode
  • Height is adjustable


  • Expensive

Manufacturer’s Description

The LaCie 321 Monitor offers a color gamut previously achievable only on CRT monitors. The broad gamut of colors displayed is a wide 72% of the NTSC (National Television System Committee) video standards gamut. With 10-bit gamma correction, the LaCie 321 also provides the finest caliber of gamma control, expressly engineered for serious graphics professionals. Whereas traditional 8-bit gamma allows for only 256 tonal options, 10-bit gamma expands the tonal range to 1024, smoothing color gradation and vastly improving image precision and accuracy.In a side-by-side comparison with other TFTs this panel exhibits superior color clarity most obvious in pure white, pitch black, and saturated color areas. Unprecedented color rendering combined with excellent contrast ratio (500:1) and brightness (250 cd/m2), and expansive viewing angles (176?) offers graphic artists the advantage of premium viewing conditions.The LaCie 321 Monitor offers a large 21.3-inch diagonal for viewing A3 or double-page spreads in exact 1: 1 ratio. Its superb 1600x1200 resolution ensures that even the most minute details can be displayed, so that what is seen on the monitor is what will appear in print. The LaCie 321's position can be customized to fit any work environment through height-adjustment, tilt, swivel, and pivot capabilities. For the most demanding color-related tasks, such as photo retouching and on-screen proofing, the LaCie monitor hood ensures that external lighting conditions and the surrounding environment do not interfere with image color.

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