Current Version Version: 1.5
Author Houdah Software s.a r.l.
Price $1.00
Description ★ "Search Rocket" makes searching on the Internet easier. It reduces the number of steps to take before reaching results.
★ "Search Rocket" speeds up web searches and reduces data transfer. You no longer need to load web pages just to get to the search form.
★ "Search Rocket" comes with built-in browser. Switching back and forth between Safari and "Search Rocket" is no longer needed.

Running a web search couldn't be any faster. Just type "g houdah" to search Google for the word houdah. Type "y houdah" for the same search using Yahoo!

"Search Rocket" comes pre-configured with many popular search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) as well as a large selection of web sites (Wikipedia, IMDB, …). You may, of course, add your own favorites and assign shortcuts of your choosing.

For times where you don't remember shortcuts, you may select a search engine from a list which is filtered as you type.

"Search Rocket" also remembers your recent searches. Running it again is a matter of a single tap. This allows you to easily run the same search across several sites. Type "imdb Serious Man" to search IMDB. Hit the back button. Select "Rotten Tomatoes". Then select "Serious Man" from the recent searches list. Now you are reading movie reviews.

★ New in 1.1: Built-in browser. Selecting a search result no longer takes you to Safari. "Search Rocket" has its own browser with a convenient button for returning to the search results.

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