Current Version Version: 1.2.2
Author Venan Entertainment, Inc.
Price $5.00
Description "Things are lookin' pretty bad down here at Gritstone Station, young'un! Business is slower than a molasses monster from Rigel VII goin' uphill in a snowstorm, an' I ain't no expert, but I'm pretty sure the duct tape keepin' the airlock closed is startin' to wear off. Anyways, can ya help yer Uncle Jeb with some minin' this summer? It'll be more fun than a Tuesday beard-combin'!"
- Jebediah Gritstone

P.S. Gritstone Station ain't all about minin' them asteroids! Here's some info from the travel brochure:

"Without a question, this is one of the best games I've played since the App Store went live over a year and a half ago." - (5/5 stars)

"I have never got myself so far into a game for the iPhone prior to this." - (5/5 Stars)

"Few games truly stand out like Space Miner does." - (4/4 - Must Have)

"Deep, hilarious and incredibly engaging; we found this title to outdo Asteroids in so many areas that we’re giving it our highest recommendation." - (Grade A)

Space Miner has been hailed as one of the best iPhone games of all time by critics and customers alike. Discover why this asteroid-blasting RPG has astounded gamers the world over! Gorgeous 3D graphics, dazzling particle effects, realistic physics, fully customizable controls, and movie-quality sound combine to set a new standard on the App Store.

Immerse yourself in a brand new epic comedy adventure that lets you explore 48 unique sectors, each filled with perilous missions, hidden dangers, and valuable treasures. Use the asteroid ore you collect to take your bucket-of-bolt ships and upgrade it into a sleek battle cruiser, an ore-hauling trawler, or a speedy racer with thousands of possible item combinations.

When you've completed the adventure, start a new game with all the alien technology you've found, and try to conquer all 60 Plus+ awards along with the ultimate Space Miner challenge: UltracORE Mode! Post your final scores to Twitter and Facebook to make your friends jealous!

"I ain't gonna beg, young'un, but just remember who's payin' yer tuition for Space Academy! I promise you'll have a good time, an' you won't be stuck here very long. I mean, honestly now, what could POSSIBLY go wrong? Just look at them user reviews! Most of 'em seem pretty gosh darn happy-like!"

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