Current Version Version: 2.01
Author Eventual Innovations, LLC
Price $5.00
Description Would you like to skip tracks using your iPhone's Bluetooth, without any additional hardware? Using only the Play/Pause button, Bluetooth Helper lets you skip tracks on any Bluetooth accessory that can already Play and Pause your iPhone or iPod Touch! There are no other compatibility requirements! The instructions were written a little awkwardly in the earlier versions, which caused some confusion (and some of the low ratings). If your accessory can reliably Play and Pause the phone, Bluetooth Helper will work for you. While music is playing and Bluetooth Helper is open, simply Pause and then Play your music again within 3 seconds. Once that 3 second timer expires, it will skip to the next track. If you want to adjust the Sequence Time to make the process quicker or slower, you can do that in the Settings app. The app needs to be running in the foreground for you to use the track control features, but it works with the screen locked as well. There's no need to plug any new hardware into your phone -- Simply pair your Bluetooth accessory with your iPhone as you normally would, and open Bluetooth Helper. Current iPhone software supports Play/Pause over Bluetooth, but not Next Track, Previous Track, Seek Forward, or Seek Backward. With Bluetooth Helper, now you can do it all! It may take a couple attempts to get familiar with the timing (read the tips first!) but with Bluetooth Helper, you get the Bluetooth control functions you need and desire!

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