Current Version Version: 2.2 (iOS 4.0 Tested)
Author Juicy Development LLC
Price $5.00
Description Police Scanner 2 is the first interactive police scanner application for the iPhone. Alert friends to emergency broadcast streams in real time with text messages. Police scanner 2 also allows users to record interesting events and save them to replay later. With over 2300 national and international EMS streams, Police Scanner offers the largest selection of police, fire, and emergency services streams available for the iPhone in one application. Users can locate and listen to police dispatch frequencies worldwide. • Listen to streams in the background while browsing the web or using other applications. • Alerts are automatically sent to other Police Scanner users in a non-intrusive view • Easy to use tab shows most popular feeds and favorite feeds • Over 2300 feeds in nine countries • Comes with a glossary of commonly used emergency codes, so you can follow along with the action • Updates new streams in real time, without having to wait for a new update release **Important** NOT ALL AREAS IN THE US AND WORLDWIDE BROADCAST AN iPHONE COMPATIBLE STREAM. The area you may be interested in may not broadcast over the internet. Police scanner feeds in the UK are encrypted and will not appear in Police Scanner 2 in the foreseeable future. Also, Police Scanner 2 does not control, manage or operate emergency broadcast feeds. Police Scanner 2 does not control continuance or discontinuance of a feed. Finally, due to the nature of emergency broadcast streams, often long periods of silence will appear on any one channel. This does not mean that Police Scanner 2 has ceased to function. For a complete list of streams, see our web page at: Any user that has a stream they would like us to add should contact technical support and provide the web link to the stream they desire.

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