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Price $3.00
Description Osfoora for Twitter is a fast and clean twitter client that gives you easy access to all of twitter's functionalities. Osfoora features an elegant and clean Home screen that lets you access most functionalities in a single touch. With an elegant user interface, multiple account support, optional full landscape mode (customizable), and more, using twitter becomes a joy! Features: ★ Multiple account support with easy management. ★ Home screen for fast access to twitter functionalities. ★ Gorgeous Dark and Light Themes. ★ Full landscape support (Configurable). ★ Native TextExpander Support ★ Tweet Songs. ★ Easily explore and manage your twitter timeline, mentions, messages, favorites, lists, and more. ★ Informative timeline, indicates Retweets, Conversations, Faves, own posts, read/unread all inline. ★ Advanced attachment manager, attach multiple photos and videos at once to a single message. ★ Twitlonger support. ★ Insert recent/new hash tags, and recent contacts view. ★ Advanced drafts manager. ★ Support for native retweets and normal RT mode. ★ Customize your twitter profile, change avatar, personal info. ★ Excellent user profile viewer, save and fully view profile images, user location on Map, more. ★ Lists support, View/Add/Delete/Edit. ★ Subscribe/Unsubscribe to Lists. ★ Add/Remove users to your own lists. ★ View your Retweets, Retweets of others, and your tweets that have been Retweeted. ★ View Geotagged tweets, also GeoTag your own tweets. ★ View/Save/Remove Search terms with auto synchronization to twitter. ★ Nearby Search, Map View and Lists. ★ Full Trends support, recent trends, today's trends, this week's trends! ★ Public timeline accesible from home screen. ★ Translate tweets. ★ Seamless Instapaper/Read It Later integration. ★ Url shortnening with bitly and tinyURL. ★ Support for custom bitly logins and API keys. ★ Upload photos with yfrog and Posterous. ★ Upload videos to yfrog and Posterous. ★ See Conversations between friends. ★ Direct messages with Conversation support. ★ InApp browser, email, image viewer. ★ Delete tweets, Block users, report as Spam. ★ Customize Font size, refresh rate. ★ Change Home Screen Button Colors. ... and much more. **Includes: icons by Joseph Wain / **Supports TextExpander touch snippet expansion