• Very good performance
  • Excellent graphics capabilities
  • PCI Express slots
  • Huge memory capacity


  • No backward compatibility with PCI or PCI-X cards
  • No improvement in performance compared with dual-processor model

At A Glance

Apple adds a dual-core processor -- two processing units on a single chip -- to its Power Mac line. The new desktops also add PCI Express, a high-performance interface that's particularly appealing to video pros. (To that end, the Power Mac line offers several video card build-to-order options above the Nvidia GeForce 6600 that comes standard on this model.) Also new: a double-layer SuperDrive, two Gigabit Ethernet ports, and faster DDR2 RAM.

Manufacturer’s Website

The Specs

Processor type PowerPC G5 Dual-Core
Processor speed 2.3 MHz
Primary Graphics Chipset Nvidia GeForce 6600
General Information
UPC Code 718908730669
Ports and Connections
Available Interfaces Bluetooth
Memory type DDR2


Macworld Labs
Photoshop CS2 0:54
iMovie 6.0.1 0:36
iTunes 6.0.3 0:50
Cinema 4D XL 9.5.21 0:58
Speedmark 4.5 Score 254
Tested Configuration Mac OS X 10.4.5, 1GB of RAM
Unreal Tournament 2004 53.6fps