Current Version Version: 1.0
Author Less Code Limited
Price Free
Description Your universal push inbox for iPhone

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* 2-way Web to iPhone Messaging
* 2-way iPhone to iPhone Messaging
* 2-way Email to iPhone Messaging

For a very limited time, purchase the 3-month subscription plan and get a Life Time plan for only $0.99. Life Time plan will not expire and your account is yours forever.

After signing up, you will get an unique [your username] email address, all emails sent to this address will be pushed to your iPhone vis Push Notification.

But wait, there are more! You will also get a personal URL ([your username]) that anyone can send a message to your iPhone from anywhere with a browser.

And with our PIN & key feature, you can create up to 10 email addresses & URLs with full permission control.

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✔ Send a message from web to iPhone
Anyone can send a message to your iPhone from anywhere with a browser.

You have full control on who can send you message with the PIN & Keys feature, you can also reply to the sender with our unique email integration.

✔ iPhone to iPhone messaging
You can send messages to other Push Inbox users, right from your iPhone.

✔ PIN & Keys
A PIN will be allocated for you after sign up. Just like phone number, people can send message to you if they know your PIN.

Your PIN is permanent and unchangeable, you should only share your PIN with the people you trust most.

In additional to your PIN, you can create up to 10 keys for your account.

A key is just like a PIN, except you can choose the name (if not yet taken) of the key, you can also set an expiry date or message limit.

✔ Full email integration
Each of your PIN and keys is actually a Push Inbox email address, e.g. if you setup a key named 'john', all emails delivered to will be pushed right to your iPhone.

You can also send a message to an email address, the message will be delivered even if recipient is not a Push Inbox user, and the recipient can reply too.

✔ Sleep hours
During the sleep hours of your choice, messages are delivered quietly without sound or vibrating alert.

✔ Web Access
You can simply sign in to from anywhere to have full access to your messages, contacts and keys.

✔ Plugins & API
With our web plugins, you can embed a ajax-enabled form to your website or blog, enabling your visitor to send a message to you right from your own site.

We also offer a simple yet powerful API for more advanced access.

Download now for a obligation free trail with 50 free messages

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