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Description Trusted world-wide by Pros, coaches, avid golfers and sports enthusiasts. SwingReader is an advanced swing analyzer. Features include killer slow motion capability; side-by-side synchronized comparison on iPhone; model swings from a PGA professional; website for comparing swings against videos on Youtube; tempo tracking; Youtube/Picasa sharing; and much more.  SwingReader™ featured as New and Noteworthy: European Appstores: May/June 2010  • Only 3GS/4 phones are supported as app needs an inbuilt video camera. 2G/3G and iPod Touch are not supported. iPad support is coming soon. Various features are summarized below: SWING RECORDING AND SELECTION • Pick multiple swings from a single recording without taking breaks to stop and start recording. No timer is needed. Take your time with the swing, in fact take multiple swings, then simply select the swings you want to save and analyze. • Import a prerecorded video from the camera roll. Here too you can select multiple swings from the video recording. • Rotate video orientation. Comes in handy if a video imported for analysis was recorded using a sideways orientation. • Trim a swing anytime within the app. Cut your swing sequence to only those frames that are really needed. SWING PLAYBACK AND ANALYSIS • Killer slow motion capability unmatched by other iPhone apps for golf. Clearly see each and every part of your swing at the speed you want. • Vary playback speed from 30 fps to 1 fps. • Swipe with finger to forward and rewind the swing sequence. This feature is a powerful tool for swing review. You don't have to fiddle around with a play button and a timeline to focus on a part of your swing. • Touch screen drawing tool to draw lines and circles for the swing plane, spine angle, target line, etc. Drawings are automatically saved. SWING COMPARISON ON DEVICE • Model swings from Harry Rose, PGA Professional and Instructor at the Needham Golf Club in Boston, USA. Swings include 120 fps slow motion front and rear views of driver, 6 iron, sand wedge, putter, normal and putter grips. • Compare swings overlaid on top of each other or side-by-side. Control transparency in overlay mode. • Synchronize the two swings so that swing playback is coordinated. Syncing two swings is intuitive and very easy to attain. • Swipe with your finger to forward and rewind the two swings. SWING COMPARISON ON WEBSITE (BETA FEATURE) • Compare your uploaded swing against your favorite golfer's Youtube video at • View swings from the comfort of your larger screen laptop or desktop computer. • First such feature ever offered to golfers. SWING TEMPO • Measure and track your swing's tempo using SwingReader's innovative tempo analysis tool. • A consistent swing tempo is important for good swing rhythm and form. SWING MOTION TRACKER • Track swing motion and see the path of the club head. Analyze if your club head path is out of plane, going outside-in, etc. • Motion tracking works best with high frame rate videos greater than 30 fps. We are actively working on algorithms to improve tracking for low frame rate videos. SHARING AND UPLOAD • Email your swing video with drawings. • Upload your entire swing as pictures to Picasa Web, similar to swing pictures presented in golfing magazines, only SwingReader does it at the full frame rate of 30 fps. • Upload video with drawings to Youtube. • Control the privacy of your uploads using the privacy option within SwingReader. HELP • Instructional videos accessible from the app's help page. • Email support from within the app. Quick response times. -------------------------------------------------- This app uses software licensed under the LGPL and other licenses. Please see