Author Generic Company Place Holder
Price Free
Description One day, Marcus went to see a circus. It wasn't much of a show until he saw Ruby, the ringmaster. It was love at first sight. He joined the struggling circus as a janitor to be closer to Ruby, and that's where our game begins.....

Play through 4 stages of Marcus’ career, starting as a janitor and ultimately becoming the star of the show!

Fun for kids and adults alike.

Complete 5 distinct 3D games with various levels of difficulties
- Handstand
- Tightrope
- Elephant Stacking
- Human Cannon Bowling
- Flying Trapeze

Unlock 3 replayable challenge modes
- Get strikes on all levels of Pin-Sanity puzzles!
- Stack your tower of elephants without being hit by bombs in Ele-vator!
- Test your acrobatic skills for high score in Trapeze-oid!

Integrated online leader board