Current Version Version: 2.2
Author Dudleymont Limited
Price $1.00
Description Do you love talking to new people all the time?
Do you love having interesting, serendipitous conversations in real life?
Then this Pass & Ask app is for you!

**********Nominated as one of the most creative and innovative apps by AppCircus!********

We walk around in a sea full of strangers, and this app is designed to be a natural way to break the ice with them, and start a conversation.

Use your unlimited imagination to continue the conversation – there are no limits to what amazing things you will learn and incredible people you will meet!


1.Create a question or choose from the questions around you

2.Find some cool people

3.Pass them your phone, and ask them to enter their answer, face to face

4.Check results to see the graphical representation, of your results and the results coming in from around the world, and impress everyone with your scientific survey

5. See your trail, your influence on the world in the map view, as a pin drops with your question in it at that location for others to discover and ask


*Challenge yourself to approach new people and satisfy your curiosity about what they are thinking

*Become a social butterfly & have serendipitous, interesting conversations anywhere there are people - events, conferences, parties or pubs!!

*Discover loads about the people around you - with graphs and results coming in from all over the world, are the people around you average compared to global results?

*Create popular questions that everyone wants to answer, and be the catalyst for people's conversations all over the world!

*The people you talk to don’t need to have the app – you pass them your phone, and they answer on your phone (and you gain their trust)


*Leader board of trending questions – is your question popular? Does it trigger fun conversations?

*Push notification so you know when others have answered your question!

*NEW* Questions nearby on a map and list view

*NEW* Your profile where you can see your amazing influence

*Can be used without wifi or 3G connection to collect answers. Wifi & 3G necessary to get the graphical results and access the collective database of questions.

*Recommended one phone per 8-10 people at a social event

"very intuitive app. I had lots of fun with friends… I will definitely continue to use this app… it was simply one of those apps that I have long awaited" Micah, Canada

"I took your app to a party, I showed this app and everyone there wanted this app for their phone, very impressed" Travis, US

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