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Description *** New Year Sale! Scribe Notes is -75% off for a limited time. Only 99c! Get it now! *** Elegant multimedia notes for your iPhone Attach photos, videos, sketches, and maps to your notes! Scribe is an awesome new notes application that enables you to create notes with photos, videos, maps, and sketches. Each note is also geotagged so you know where you were when you composed it. Scribe enables you to create notes and attach: * Photos * Videos * Maps * Sketches Scribe is the ultimate app for: * Notes * Journals * To do lists * Travel diaries * Shopping lists Key Features: * Scribe features an elegant, simple, and easy to use interface * Create different notebooks to categorize your notes * Email notes with photos, videos, and sketches to your contacts * Import photos, videos, and sketches to and from your iPhone photo album * Browse your sketches, videos, and photos in a full screen viewer * Notes are automatically geotagged at the location they were created * Move your geotags anywhere in the world Try Scribe Notes for FREE with Scribe Notes Lite!