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Price Free
Description Use this App before, during or after the tournament. Follow all the Madness with a single Tap! Each time you open the App, the bracket is automatically updated. Complete your own bracket and track your scores or simply use the App to see current results.


1.When this year's teams are announced, the App will automatically be updated to show all first round games.
2.As you zoom in to make your selections, editing will be activated and by tapping the green arrow that appears in each bracket your selections will advance to the next round.
3.You need to complete the ENTIRE BRACKET no later than 5 minutes before the opening game! After that, the bracket will be locked from further editing.
4.Points are awarded based on the number of correct picks you make. See the actual bracket for more details on scoring.
5.Your score will be updated automatically each time you open the App!
6.Additional important messages and obnoxious trash talking will appear from time to time in the Admin Window near the bottom of the bracket.

Don't have time to fill out a bracket? No problem! Just open the App to see the results of each game!

Good Luck!