Author Generic Company Place Holder
Price $1.00
Description fCards is a stylish, minimalistic, and seriously easy-to-use virtual postcard App. Select a photograph from amongst the great images we've included in the App (or take/use one of your own photographs), position your greeting (using one of the five excellent FontFont typefaces included) where it looks best on the front by dragging your text to the perfect spot, and then flip the card over to write a personal message to send via Email or share on Facebook.


* Choose from images in 12 categories
* Select from one of five FontFont typefaces
* Use your own photo
* Take a picture to use in the fCard
* Add custom messages on the front and back of the card
* Position the text to create your own postcard design
* Change the color of the text
* Send postcard to multiple people at once
* Quickly select recipients from your contacts
* Share your postcard on Facebook