Current Version Version: 1.0
Author Deep Powder Software
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Description Snowboarding Tricks

Our Snowboarding Tricks application is a complete list and descriptions of all snowboarding tricks. Snowboard tricks are aerials or maneuvers performed on snowboards for fun, or in competitions. Most often, these maneuvers are performed on obstacles such as jumps, halfpipes, quarterpipes, hips, handrails, funboxes, ledges, or on the surface of the snow, and many have their origins in earlier board sports such as skateboarding and surfing.

We have built this Snowboarding Tricks application with a very easy to use interface. We have designed it so that you can easily find what you are looking for without the confusion, limitations, and frustration like so many apps out there on the iDevices

Do you know of any snowboarding tricks we somehow overlooked when we created this applicatoin? We would love to include them. Just use the applications direct email to us and we will include it in our next update. With new tricks popping up all of the time we make sure to do regular updates. With the help of our customers we constantly improve our applications making the users experience more enjoyable.


- Huge database of snowboarding tricks
- Descriptions of tricks
- Very easy to use dictionary based interface.
- Origins of some tricks
- Search through our database in alphabetical order.
- Search using any keyword
- Direct email access to us through the application
- Give us feedback directly through the application

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