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My Spot Pro is the app that lets you tell anyone your spot in the world with a touch of a button.


* Find your spot in the world using GPS and Internet access.
* Pin your location on Google maps or use an address in your Contacts.
* Send customize email messages with your location with up to 20 My Spot buttons.
* Find North with one of the two available compass designs.
* Post messages directly to Twitter and Facebook.
* Add photos and/or a voice to messages.

Using My Spot you can easily find and pin your spot in the world. When the app opens it will determine your location using Apple's built in location services. You can also use the address information in your contacts list. Or you can just find yourself on the map and pin your location.

On the bottom of the app is a button drawer that holds the My Spot buttons. You can make up to 20 My Spot buttons and set them to send messages to email addresses, Facebook and/or Twitter. When you go into the settings for the app, you can create the My Spot buttons and give them a name, a list of contacts and select a preset message or make up your own.

My Spot Pro also provides a convenient Panic button. This button is always available and can be configured to send messages to anyone you want contacted if you need help. The Panic button also has a bonus feature called Help Tracking. If a user ever needs to use this feature they can enable Help Tracking to send out messages on a regular basis with your current location, based on network connectivity. (App must remain open for messages to go out.)

Additionally My Spot Pro allows you to easily attach photos or audio recordings to your messages. Anyone from folks that like to travel to people that are doing errands can let their family, friends or coworkers know where they are with the touch of a button.