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Price $5.00
Description Newsprint is a professional grade feed (RSS/Atom) reader for the iPhone and iPod touch with support for storing feeds locally as well as support for syncing your feeds with Google Reader, allowing you to keep your article's read-state in sync between your computer and your iPhone.

Newsprint gives you the simplicity that you love in iPhone apps, while not forgetting about 'power users'.

Keep in sync with your reading at home and don't miss a beat while your on the go.

Newsprint has support for not only reading your feeds but sharing them with your friends, family, and co-workers by allowing you to share interesting articles via email, Twitter, and Google Reader Sharing.

There is no need to worry that you will find something interesting while on the go and won't have enough time to really dive in as you can quickly and easily mark items as starred and/or save it to Instapaper, Delicious, or ReadItLater.

Now with Newsprint catching up on your feeds while on the go, is not only fun, but practical!