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Tired of wasting time sifting through endless spam emails to get to the one that really matters? Tired of malware and phishing attacks from all around the world?

Then download Mobile Active Defense for your iPhone or iTouch now - to keep your email messages pure and your communication experience safe, secure and fast.

Mobile Active Defense works with your existing email accounts. No matter how many email accounts you may have on your iPhone, there is no extra charge!

Mobile Active Defense uses our proprietary cloud based technology to filter your email from Phishing, Malware and Spam before it reaches your iPhone. 
Mobile Active Defense is automatically updated over 100 times every day, ensuring your email and iPhone always has the most current protection available. All you have to do is live your mobile life and let M.A.D. take care of your security.

Your mobile life happens fast, so don’t let Phishing, Malware and Spam ruin your day, your data or your privacy.
Download Mobile Active Defense now! Full, unlimited, one year license for as many email accounts on your iPhone as you want.

Mobile Active Defense- the App that covers your @!
How M.A.D. works:

Mobile Active Defense is a sophisticated security product.
Once you download the app, there are a few steps to take so that you can receive the maximum protection available for your iPhone email.  

Please note there is a video tutorial in the App you can watch to assist you with set up or you can follow the guidelines below. More detailed instructions can be found on the Mobile Active Defense web site link below.

1.Register your account.
2.Configure as many the email accounts that you  want M.A.D. to protect
3.Install the M.A.D. email “profile”.
4.Turn off the account(s) in “Settings” then “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” so that M.A.D. can protect them.
5.Enjoy sending and receiving email knowing that M.A.D. is protecting your @.

**PLEASE NOTE** Mobile Active Defense supports all IMAP and POP email accounts, including AOL, Yahoo, MSFT Hotmail, Google GMAIL and Lotus Notes. Microsoft EXCHANGE email accounts will be supported in a future version.

Stop Phishing, Malware and Spam today:

Get M.A.D.: Mobile Active Defense.