Current Version Version: 1.3
Author Hal Leonard
Price $1.00
Description ** Support Links have been updated in App Description. Please use those addresses instead of the ones in the app if you need support** Geometry Workshop is your best reference to theorems, postulates and notes. What puts Geometry Workshop on top of every other geometry app is that it provides a natural way to search through theorems and postulates to find the one you are looking for. No more scrolling through infinite text like a dictionary trying to find what you need. It’s all in the app with no required internet connection! The quadrilateral info section allows you to choose from many different quadrilaterals and view their properties and definitions. Also, you can calculate the area of the figures! The notes that are included in the app contain the basic concepts you need to keep up your geometry skills. So far, Geometry Workshop has 5 categories of notes. Geometry Workshop also gives you a reference to many geometry symbols and quadrilaterals. This way you don’t have to open your book and flip through hundreds of pages. It’s right there in the palm of your hand!

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