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Description Create your own NCAA® March Madness® Basketball Championship tournament brackets with updated scoring results. Choose your own scoring system. Your brackets will be updated with the correct score based on your chosen system. Winning teams will be highlighted in green and losing teams highlighted in red.

**CRITICAL BUG FIX (3-19-10) We understand there was an issue with the results updating and closing the App. An update has been submitted to Apple and approved that now resolves this issue. You should not have to re-pick your brackets as long as you never deleted the App.**

**BUG FIX (3-15-10) The issue with some of the teams that were mis-seeded in the South region has been fixed. Please Tap "Update Teams" now to update to the correct teams and fix that issue. If you have already completed picking a bracket, please re-pick with these newly updated teams to get accurate scoring results throughout the tournament. Sorry for the inconvenience.**

The teams have been announced for this year's tournament! Use the "Update Teams" option on the Main Screen now to update the App to this year's teams.
Also use the Refresh button on the Current Bracket or the "Update" button on the 'My Brackets' screen to update the results of your bracket throughout the tournament.

"Great for b-ball."

"Great app. Can't wait for March madness this year when I can keep track of my bracket with my iPhone any time and any place!!"

After opening the app, choose Update Teams to update the brackets to the teams chosen on Selection Sunday.

Then, choose the ‘My Brackets’ option to create your own brackets. You can give your brackets their own unique names and decide on your own scoring system! After naming and selecting your scoring system, complete your bracket by tapping on the team names to pick the winners for each game.

Tap the ‘Current Bracket’ to see an updated look at the correct picks throughout the tournament.

Use the ‘Update’ button on the ‘My Brackets’ screen throughout the tournament to see how well you do on your brackets!

NCAA® and March Madness® are separate associations from March Brackets and are registered trademarks. March Brackets is not affiliated with these associations and is offered for entertainment purposes only.