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Description Headquarters - The Basecamp® app for people who get things done. Headquarters requires a subscription to the Basecamp project management system. Headquarters Lite is the single project, single account version of Headquarters. Check Headquarters out on the AppStore! Headquarters is Basecamp on your iPhone, redesigned for productivity. It's the only app that distills Basecamp into a personalized dashboard of everything overdue, due today, and due this week. It's smart too! The dashboard organizes only important items from all of your accounts and projects (Headquarters Pro only). No more drilling down into projects to find out what you have to do. The Headquarters Dashboard - a single screen for people who get things done. Basecamp power users will feel at home in Headquarters too. HQ supports multiple accounts and projects (Headquarters Pro only), todo lists and items, milestones, messages and comments. Quickly dive into and manage projects with the Basecamp app that users call "slick, intuitive, and easy to use."