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Description Paperless is a simply great app for making lists of anything and everything. Use it to create to do lists, make grocery lists, take notes, write an outline of a story, prepare notes for a presentation, make a list of gift ideas, plan a vacation... or anything else you'd want to make a list for. Assign a fun sticker icon to each of your lists, there are over 300 to choose from. All icons are now beautifully rendered in high resolution on the iPhone 4's amazing retina display. Email lists to yourself or anyone. List items are "bubbled up" to the main screen, so you can see what's important right away. Includes powerful features such as duplicating lists, reordering list items, sorting list items alphabetically, copying and moving items from one list to another and comprehensive search. Plus, the ability to find an icon based on concept. For example: moving to a new house? - type "moving" into the icon search box, which will bring up two icons: a box, and a moving truck Visit for a video demo! If you'd like to try out Paperless before you buy, download the free version: Paperless Lite! It's just like the full version, but limited to 15 total list items. ---------- MENTIONS: 4.5 out of 5 mice rating from Macworld! - "Paperless deserves a spot on your iPhone" APP STORE REVIEWS: ★★★★★ "Best app ever - The most incredibly useful app I've come across. Simple, effective and bloody marvelous!!!" ★★★★★ "Simply loved it - Best app I've ever downloaded, my life is so organized now! ..." ★★★★★ "This app is amazing! I have lists for homework, shopping, long term goals, you name it. I'm so organized now!" ★★★★★ "If you want simplicity with huge functionality, get this app!" ★★★★★ "... it's fast and it allows you much freedom to do whatever you want with any kind of list." ★★★★★ "The simplicity of the interface and the flexibility given to the user is perfection."