Current Version Version: 1.0.2
Author Infinite Monkey
Price $10.00
Description Do you need help handicapping the horses? Do you open the form or program and feel overwhelmed by all that data? Do you just want to have fun and not spend hours looking at the form wondering what’s important and what’s not?

Now you can have your handicapping system in the palm of your hand. You can use it at the track, OTB or in your favorite chair at home.

There are hundreds of ways to build your handicapping system with iHandicapRaces. Work with Quarter Pace values, Final Pace values and Average Speed. Use them all or in any combination. The built-in weighting system can apply weights to your data and even apply custom weighting of your own! You'll get all the flexibility you need to build the handicapping system you've always wanted!


Track horses past performance:

Horse past performance data can be manually entered to track the horse throughout it's entire racing career. Use the Past Performance info from the daily racing form.

Flexible Handicapping Calculator:

Calculate values for Quarter Pace, Final Pace and Average Speed. Every track is weighted to make the values equal and meaningful no matter where the horse ran before.

Long list of weights to apply:

Clear documentation to tell you how to interpret the daily racing form and select the right weights to tweak your calculations.

Categories for:
⁃Last Race
⁃Past Performance
⁃Lay off > 60 days

Custom Weights:

Add your own custom weights. Each weight can add or detract from the horses calculated values making your picks the way you see them.

Complete Horse Ranking System:

Rank the horses in the race visually with graphs and historical data from the handicapping calculator enabling you to scrutinize the data and make the best picks you've ever made.

A Picks Organizer:

Make's it easy to place your bets with an easy to use interface that shows you your picks organized by post position.

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