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Description Class Notes is a feature-packed digital notebook for students and teachers. Input your courses, then write and organize school notes. Add tests and assignments, send notes as email, view your timetable and calendar, manage your contacts, or visit the class website to work online. Class Notes is the all-in-one productivity utility for students and teachers. Ratings & Reviews: (v1.3.2) "A great app for students to help them manage their schedules, assignments, notes and all college related stuff." ~ AppyZilla (4/5 "Addictive") "whether you are a teacher or student I highly recommend picking up Class Notes." ~ AppShouter "a very powerful tool for teachers" ~ Planet-iPhones (v1.2) "this is the app I wish I’d had in college." ~ MacWorld AppGuide (3.5/5) Features: • Notes & Quick Notes • Schedule: Timetable and Monthly Calendar • Class Organizer • Contacts • Tests & Assignments • Shake Check • To-Do List • Web browser • Documents Viewer • Backup Manager • Copy Notes • Search Notes, Tests, Assignments, and Contacts Details: ✓ Notes & Quick Notes. Write notes in portrait or landscape. Create notes for your courses or note collections for tests and assignments. Quick Notes lets you write notes directly from the home screen. Send your notes or note collections as email. ✓ Timetable. Once you input your courses, Class Notes automatically creates your weekly timetable. Rotate, zoom, and scroll to reveal as much or as little of your week as you need. Finally, no more paper schedules! ✓ Monthly Calendar. Tests and assignments automatically appear as icons on the monthly Calendar. Tap an item to see the details and view the document right from the calendar. The list view displays all of your tests and assignments for the current month in chronological order. ✓ Class Organizer. The Class Organizer is the central hub for all of your courses. Add/edit courses, manage course documents and contacts, view the course summary, or visit the course website. ✓ Tests & Assignments. Input your tests and assignments, set the due date and priority, then add notes to create customized note collections. ✓ Contacts. Add, organize, and manage school contacts. Email, call, or text your professors, TAs, and classmates. Integrate school contacts with system contacts or keep them separate. ✓ Shake Check. Quickly check for due assignments or scheduled tests. Shake on the home screen and Class Notes will scan all of the tests and assignments in your current courses and alert you if necessary. Optional automatic alerts at start up help keep you on track even when you forget. ✓ To-Do List. Plan your day or write reminders quickly from the home screen. Features a color-coded list for quick reference and task summaries with counters to easily manage your to dos. ✓ Documents Viewer. The documents viewer is a full-screen display for your notes and note collections. Test and assignment notes are automatically compiled to produce a single, easy-to-read document that can be sent as email. ✓ Web browser. The integrated web browser keeps you connected to your courses' digital content. Visit the class website, open websites in safari, check your web-mail, find online resources, or use copy and paste to create notes. ✓ Backup Manager. Create and restore backups of your entire note and course collection. Automatic backups on startup and shutdown so you can restore accidentally deleted or changed files. ✓ Copy Notes. Full flexibility to organize your notes. Seamlessly copy your notes from one collection to another or make duplicates in the same collection. ✓ Search Notes, Tests, Assignments, and Contacts. Deep searches through title, details, and content. Even searches through note titles and content in assignment and test collections.

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