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Price $3.00
Description From the creator of AppliFX and iQuikSplash, comes another ground breaking effects app - Hue Splash! Selective Color Changing with 2 Taps! This can't be ANY easier! SEE VIDEO DEMO: √ With smart mathematical algorithms, this app is able to selectively changes the original color selected by user to a new color selected by user. See the screenshot for a few sample output photos of this app. No tricks! √ Splashes the photo with ANY HUES (full range of colors is available for your to select). √ And with adjustable amount, pan and zoom feature, you'd be able to fine tune the final result. Adjust further with the brightness and contrast sliders. √ And specify areas to process the the splash - target a portion of the colors your want to change! √ Save the result to your device or upload it to you Facebook account. If you love this app, give it a good rating. And you might want to check out my other photo effects app - AppliFX (which is the Pro version of this app). AppliFX has many more cool effects and continuously updated with more UNIQUE filters. Be sure not to miss any cool and unique filters, but AppliFX once and you get it all!