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Description As Featured on CNN. The only Gas app you need to buy. GasBook offers latest information on gas prices from hundreds of thousands of gas stations in US. With its powerful search interface and convenient fuel logging functionality, you'll save on gas and improve fuel economy immediately. *** APP WORKS FOR USA ONLY CURRENTLY *** GasBook provides a very rich list of features and we're confident that you'll love them. No other similar apps are on the same level as GasBook because we focus on users like you! Check out our five-star reviews! FEATURES ** Search ** - Richest database of gas stations and frequently updated gas prices powered by users like you - Powerful search interface featuring search by any location, zip code or use current location from GPS - Convenient choice on searching Regular, Mid-grade, Premium or Diesel price - Sort by price or distance and paged search through hundreds of stations in your area - Persistent search preferences gives no-touch experience on your default search - Search distance: you can search stations as far as 50 miles away and if you need, you can use our map view to look further. There's no limit to where you want to search in US. - Search freshness of gas price: limit your result to only 1 day old price data or up to 5 days old. - Search By Brands: You can search only brands you use or exclude brands you won't use at all. For example, you can exclude ARCO if you don't use debit card to purchase gas prices usually. - View all stations on Google Maps. Pan, Zoom, Re-Search or Easy touch to get your current position - Large database of gas stations with fast access at your finger. - Search suggestions remember your recent search terms and provide easy search for locations you visit often - Aesthetic and clean search interface provides rich and essential information at one glance - Diesel Only mode support searching diesel price and stations ** Gas Station Information ** - Easy to read gas price information on each gas station information. The freshness of the gas price is available as well. - Add/Remove bookmarks on the gas station - Report Price easily from the gas station page. Price is validated and if good will be refreshed immediately! - Add Fuel Log Entry on the gas station - Get directions with one touch to the gas station from your current location - Click a button to call the gas station from the app ** Report ** - Community driven gas price reporting improves price accuracy and update. Give and take to grow our community! - Easy and convenient reporting interface requires minimal efforts from you ** Bookmark ** - Add your favorite stations to bookmark so you can access them easily next time! - Friendly interface allows easy management of your bookmarks - Automatic remembering your recent stations for quick access ** Fuel Log ** - Maintain a list of your fuel log history directly from the same application. You can log your fuel purchase from the station page or add directly. - Provide detailed statistics on your vehicle's fuel efficiency including MPG, average cost per day, per mile, total cost and total miles , etc. - View the statistics by week, month, year or all period. Know the trend of your car's fuel economy to take actions. - User friendly detailed list of fuel logging history gives you rich information on fuel purchases quickly. Add/Edit/Delete fuel log entries. - Adding fuel log entry is very easy and only requires essential information - Export fuel log history by email. Backup your history so you won't be worried about losing your work. CSV export allows you to view the details of all your purchases in powerful desktop software such as Excel. We're packed with features and more importantly, we strive for the best customer experience and service. Thanks for looki

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