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Price $5.00
Description FINALLY, a new breed of music app that lets you create a full song without any musical knowledge. We are THE App that transforms you into an instant composer and producer. Do you like music? Do you want to write your own songs but don't know how? It's very simple. Just SHAKE, TAP and LISTEN. We'll take care of the rest for you!! The intuitive interface makes creating songs a no brainer. This is the music app that you've been waiting for! The Musicshake App includes: -Two different genres (Hiphop/R&B) -6 different instrument tracks -Unlimited MP3 downloads -Unlimited ringtone creation -Saving and loading songs -Instrument "preview" -"Endless Playlist" creates songs for you automatically! -Browse and listen to songs on Musicshake Charts -Post songs on Musicshake Charts -Post songs on Facebook -Works over 3G and Wi-Fi For application support, please email