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Price $4.00
Description * * * "With so many different features and operational versatility, this app is like having a Shepherd's Pie of functionality in my pocket!" * * *


Maybe you need a simple tap-on, tap-off voice memo recorder that can also be set to start recording at the sound of your voice, hands-free so you can multi-task...

Maybe you need to take several automatic sequential photos with a motion detection camera...

Maybe you're an avid bird watcher and need a quick shutter, tap-responsive camera that's quiet and won't startle away your spontaneous rare spotting...

Maybe you're an aspiring ghost hunter and need an audio sensing automatic recorder plus motion sensing camera to try and collect evidence of some electronic voice phenomena (EVP) or other paranormal activity...

Or maybe you just want an easy to use touch-anywhere-screen for taking self-portrait style candid photos of yourself and friends with the pictures saved to a password protected Vault...

Well now you can do all of this and more in just one App!

There's a "Shepherd's Pie of functionality" that fits in your pocket with this fun multifaceted iPhone application!


You can use the iPhone's camera to take pictures (or a series of automated sequential pictures one second apart) manually at the tap of the screen or automatically with the Motion Sensor.

Or you can use the iPhone's microphone to record audio either manually or automatically via the Audio Sensor.

All photos and audio recordings are saved to the Vault. The Vault is password protected and stores all of your images and audio snippets.

Use one of four different display screens for a little privacy from onlookers. Let's face it, if you own an iPhone, you're well aware that when you use it in public everyone around you is looking constantly at your screen.

This application also has an automatic save/quick exit button. When the user presses this button while recording or taking pics everything recorded up to that point is then saved to the Vault, the application closes, and then the Safari web browser opens to the user selected destination web page. The application will also save everything to the Vault in the event the user pushes the iPhone's Home button.


- AUTOMATIC CAMERA - take 3, 5 or 7 sequential photos one second apart
- MOTION DETECTION SENSOR - set the Motion Sensor to automatically take pictures upon motion detection
- AUDIO DETECTION SENSOR - set the Audio Sensor to automatically begin recording audio upon any sound detection
- QUIET PHOTOGRAPHY - silent your iPhone to disable the camera shutter noise
- MULTIPLE DISPLAY SCREENS - choose from four display different screens to perform tasks with relative privacy.
- PASSWORD PROTECTED VAULT - quickly browse through your pics and recordings in the password protected Vault

***Pocket's Pie is U.S. Patent Pending***