Current Version Version: (iOS 4.0 Tested)
Author Tong Liu
Price $5.00
Description Taska is a well-thought and elegantly-designed GTD app with refined and easy-to-use features. Start using Taska now and unleash your potential of getting things done!


★ Smart GTD lists and custom lists
Taska offers several GTD lists which help organize your daily to-do's automatically and smartly. Don't worry if you're not familiar with GTD concepts! We've made Taska simple, intuitive and straightforward. You can also create your own lists to better suit your needs.

★ Nearby contexts - route to your tasks with one tap
Taska provides a built-in map which shows all of your contexts with GPS information. The list mode elegantly group your tasks by contexts and calculates how far away you are from them. Tap on the distance button and you will receive navigation route to the context. It's that easy!

★ Beautifully arranged and integrated
All of your task details, and those helpful action buttons ... in one handy little screen! Assign due date, due time and 'Auto Add to Action' with convenient calendar and pickers ... also in one handy little screen! None other apps can do that.

★ Projects & checklists for power users as well as casual GTDers
Projects and sub-tasks work well together and you'll effortlessly get used to it, either frequent GTD users or casual ones. You can even make a shopping list with Taska. Checking off items feels like having pen and paper in the palm of your hands!

★ Advanced repeating options
Repeat by days, weeks, months or years. Repeat on specific days of a week or month, you name it.

★ Sync and backup solutions
Taska syncs with and supports database syncing with your Mac (using Task Sync Helper, a free download from so you'll have your data safe and up-to-date. More syncing options are planned for future updates.

★ Sharing and importing
Taska makes it easy and fun to share your tasks. You can mail a single task, a whole list, or even a filtered list nicely formatted. If the recipient also have Taska installed, he / she can click the link below each task to import it to Taska.

★ Other handy features
✔ Full landscape support
✔ Batch editing
✔ Powerful list filters
✔ Instant sorting
✔ Real-time search by title or content
✔ Tags
✔ Starred tasks
✔ Task to project / checklist conversion
✔ Password protection
✔ Application badge options
✔ ...

Taska is one of those elegant apps that you just want to use everyday. More incoming features like scheduled tasks, push notifications, attachments are in development.

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