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Price $5.00
Description Introducing the long-awaited MacJournal. The most
popular journaling and blogging software in the
world is now available as a mobile version for the

Have you ever been out and about with your iPhone
and wanted to record an event?

Now you can.

Organize, chronicle and edit all your important
information fast and on the fly. Best of all, unlike
other journaling apps out there, you can blog to
any of the popular blog sites using MacJournal.
Not a blogger? Use MacJournal on its own or sync
it up to your desktop version of MacJournal when
you get back to your Mac. Either way, MacJournal
has you covered.


-Create entries in multiple journals.

-Sync* with your copy of MacJournal on your Mac.
Edit your entry on the fly then sync it up when you
get back to your Mac. Data syncing will occur over
a shared wireless network.

-Blog from your journal on your iPhone or iPod
Touch to one of a list of popular servers such as
Blogger, LiveJournal, TypePad, or WordPress.

-Set a passcode to lock your data upon opening

-Have consistent and familiar look and feel on
both iPhone version and Mac OS X version.

-Search or browse entries by using the search
field at the top of each journal screen.

-Create numbered or bulleted lists.

-Journal in either landscape or portrait mode.

To sync with the desktop version of MacJournal 5.2,
touch the “Sync” button when viewing a list of entries.
If MacJournal 5.2 is running on a Mac on the same
wireless network as you, its name will appear. To start
the syncing process, touch the name of the Mac with
which you want to sync. MacJournal does REQUIRE the
user to have MacJournal 5.2 (or later) for Mac OS X 10.5
or later installed.

*The initial 1.0 release of MacJournal focuses on simple
text-based entry creation and desktop syncing, as well
as streamlined blogging direct from your iPhone or iPod
Touch. MacJournal supports secure desktop to
iPhone/iPod Touch data synchronization of text-only
entries in non-encrypted journals, between an
iPhone/iPod Touch and one or more Macs that are
connected to the same wireless network. Images and
attachments embedded in entries on the desktop
version of MacJournal 5.2 are not synced to MacJournal
for your iPhone, and entries with styled text on the
desktop will appear in plain text on the iPhone/iPod
Touch. Improved and expanded syncing and text editing
support will follow in future versions of MacJournal.