Current Version Version: 3.0
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✓ ver3.0 released.
✓ Color changing feature has been updated.
✓ 11 backgrounds were added.

please keep watching us for our updates on items and features. Thank you.

With one touch, you can make professionally sketched faces just like professional illustrator's work!

• Easy drawings.
Uface is the easiest face picture making tool for everyone. By just moving your finger, you can create any faces you want. Unique face and funny look made by various items will satisfy you. Suprise your friends with a 'hand-drawing' style pictures.

• Share anywhere.
You can upload pic into Twitter or Facebook right after you make it. You can have a good time to share your own pic with your friends. When you see various sketched faces with phone ringing, it will make your day more fun.

• Just enjoy!
Is it annoying to select items one by one? Just click random button. You will smile with unique faces that you've never imagined before. With our various features, Uface will let you have a little break in your boring life. Now, have a new experience.


- Simple and Easy Interface
- 450 various male/female character items
- Almost infinite combinations of items
- Character color change capability
- Item position change capability
- Backgrounds, emotion and situation sub items
- Naturally hand-drawn feel of characters
- Random character creation capability
- Upload capability to Twitter or Facebook without other apps
- Modify and editing of saved images
- Add characters to contact profile
- Add character to photo album

✓ DOWNLOAD this app if you have OS 3.0 or higher.

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