Current Version Version: 2.2
Author Yusuke sekikawa
Price Free
Description Camera for iPad CAMERA-A CAMERA-B

Got No 1 in Photograhy category!

☆Major Version UP! Version 2.0 Has Just Released!!☆

✔Hi-Def picture transfer.
CAMERA-B transfers FULL RESOLUTION!(no resizing) picture to CAMERA-A.
Because picture is Hi-Def,
You can enjoy zoom.
You can use this picture for another image editing APP for iPad.
✔CAMERA-A Support iPod touch and iPhone.
Following combination is available.
1.iPad(CAMERA-A) vs iPhone(CAMERA-B)
2.iPod touch(CAMERA-A) vs iPhone(CAMERA-B)
3.iPhone(CAMERA-A) vs iPhone(CAMERA-B)
✔CAMERA-B get shutter button.
✔Add new joke sound.
✔CAMERA-B Support OS 3.1.2
✔CAMERA-B Support iPhone 3G

★Why Better than other APP?
✔No connection setup. You do not need annoying connection procedure.Just Turn on APP on both device.
✔CAMERA-B is free,It means you can enjoy with your friends's iPhone without extra cost!
✔CAMERA-A B has funny sound and vibration function witch others do not have.

Well, here is a solution!

-How to Use-
It's really simple, just launch CAMERA-A on iPad(or iPhone or iPod touch),and launch CAMERA-B on iPhone.
It automatically connect each other and start transfer live view images from iPhone to iPad.
(Transmission is take place between two devices)
There is also a innovative zoom functionality.
You can pan and tilt a view without moving iPhone.

CAMERA-A and B enables you to view the image of what the camera is pointed at, and at the necessary moment release the shutter to capture the picture.
Therefore, CAMERA-A and B can be applied for doing various photography:

✔Sport Photography – You can set Your camera behind the goal net, at the same time taking photos of the middle field.
✔Nature Photography – You can set Your camera in an open spot, not disturbing wild animals with Your presence.
✔Family photography – You can make snap shots, capturing the moments filled with surprise and naturalness.
✔Aerial photography – CAMERA-A and B may also be useful for AP (where people hang a camera from an aircraft, kite or a mast), as the video feed will allow You to easily see where the camera is pointing.

➠You need free iPhone APP CAMERA-B to use this APP.
➠Turn bluetooth ON on both device,or connect both device to a same WiFi network.
➠Use CAMERA-A version 2.0 in pair with CAMERA-B version 2.0 or higher.
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