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Description Track anything that matters to you on a daily basis; set goals and see your results! There’s no other app quite like TraxItAll. It’s not only a highly flexible, all-in-one daily tracking system, or a great goal-setting tool; it’s both! ★★★★★ “My favorite app so far - In the past I had so many problems staying motivated. Being able to track my progress has helped me so much in accomplishing my goals. This app is brilliant. I love it!” HOW IT WORKS TraxItAll motivates you to achieve your goals, including your New Year’s resolutions, by giving you a simple way to track anything day-by-day. For example: “Did I work out today or not?” “How many sales calls did I make today?” “How much do I weigh?” By keeping a record of such things, TraxItAll becomes your partner, your “personal trainer,” making you accountable to yourself for actually doing what you said you were going to do. It’s this personal accountability that motivates you to fulfill your goals. MORE APP STORE COMMENTS ★★★★★ “Best organiser app so far for me. I've trawled the app store for apps of this nature, but traxitall trumps them all. It's a 5 star app. It's like having a PA, that’s how good this application is. Well done guys.” “Helping me maintain my resolutions. Traxitall has given me the format for success! “ “This is one of those aps that I would just not want to be without now.” "For the quick, simple, yet effective tracking of those things I want to keep track of several times a day or week, TraxItAll has become my app of choice." "Was instantly useful as soon as i downloaded it." “S.M.A.R.T.” GOALS TraxItAll follows the well-known principle that to be effective, our goal setting must be “S.M.A.R.T.” That is, the goals we set must be: ✔ Specific ✔ Measurable ✔ Attainable ✔ Realistic ✔ Timely DO ALL YOUR DAILY TRACKING IN ONE APP! TraxItAll uses patented, three-fold tracking system for recording Counts, Yes/No’s, and Averages, so it can track anything. (U.S. Patent No. 8,155,997). Now you can do all of your daily tracking in one simple, easy-to use app. Instead of using one app for fitness, another for business, and still others for health, personal, and other matters, you can do all of your daily tracking in TraxItAll! So, give TraxItAll a try; you’re worth the investment in yourself! AWARDS ✔ Selected as a “Top 10 Psychology App” by for its effectiveness as a motivational and goal-setting tool. ✔ The only iPhone app to be featured for U.S. National Motivation & Inspiration Day, January 2nd, 2012! ✔ Featured in iPhone Life magazine. PATENTED The three-fold tracking method at that heart of TraxItAll is now patented! U.S. Patent No. 8,155,997. FEATURES ✔ Track everything in one simple, easy-to-use app. ✔ Set goals and see your results. ✔ Record your daily, recurring “To Do’s.” ✔ Add daily notes. ✔ The badge reminds you today’s tasks. ✔ See your progress with our “Goal Bar” report or monthly progress chart. ✔ Share your reports via email or Facebook. ✔ Back up your data via iTunes. EXAMPLES ✔ Health: What was my weight? Blood sugar? Cholesterol? ✔ Fitness: Did I work out? How many miles did I run? How many steps did I walk? ✔ Diet: How many cups of coffee? Did I eat a carrot? Avoid fast-food? ✔ Business: How many sales calls? Appointments? Billable hours? The value of my 401k? ✔ Family: How many hours of study? Practice? What was my child’s weight? ✔ Daily Reminders: Did I water the plants? Walk the dog? ✔ WHATEVER YOU WANT TO TRACK!!!

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