Current Version Version: 1.6
Author Apple Inc.
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Description Numbers is the most innovative spreadsheet app ever designed for a mobile device. Built from the ground up for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, it lets you make compelling spreadsheets in minutes — with tables, charts, photos, and graphics — using just your fingers. Choose from over 250 easy-to-use functions. Enter data and explore results with sliders, steppers, pop-ups, and intelligent keyboards. Numbers works with iCloud, so your spreadsheets stay up to date across all your devices — automatically. And the Retina display on the new iPad makes everything you do in Numbers even more brilliant. Get started quickly • Choose from 16 Apple-designed templates including Budget, Travel Planner, and Running Log • View and edit Numbers ‘09, Microsoft Excel, and CSV files; easily import files from Mail, the web, a WebDAV service, or your Mac or PC using iTunes File Sharing • Use iCloud to start editing your spreadsheet right where you left off on another device   • Drag Excel, or CSV files to on your PC to have them automatically appear on your devices Edit and format data • Organize your data with great-looking tables and charts • Use an intelligent keyboard designed to enter numbers, dates, text, durations, or formulas • Assemble formulas with over 250 functions, including built-in help • Create a form from any table with headers to quickly enter data on the go • Use sliders, steppers, and pop-ups to easily enter data and explore results  • Quickly add photos and videos from the Photos app using the Media Browser • Automatically save your spreadsheets as you make changes  • Use the undo feature to go back through your previous changes — even the next time you open your spreadsheet Share your work • Share your work by exporting it as a Numbers ’09, Microsoft Excel, or PDF file and sending it via Mail • Adjust how a sheet prints across multiple pages in Print Preview; you can also use Auto Fit • Print your spreadsheets on a wireless printer on your network using AirPrint • Copy spreadsheets to a WebDAV service or directly to your Mac or PC using iTunes File Sharing

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