Current Version Version: 1.0.6
Author Lakefront Software, Inc.
Price $10.00
Description Get access to a vast recipe library, including your own favorite recipes that you may post, right from your iPad! Recommended by the New York Times Dining section, May 2010, and, April 2010.

Designed from the ground-up for the Apple iPad, this BigOven app is an ideal kitchen companion!

Look up virtually any recipe by title, keyword, or ingredient. A unique “Leftovers” feature lets you quickly enter up to three ingredients from your fridge or pantry to find out what you can make.

Plan your "Try Soon" list of recipes at your leisure so you're never stuck for dinner. Get access to your ready-to-go grocery list at the grocery store via your iPhone. Rate recipes and see comments and recipe photos from people around the world.

Unique to BigOven on the iPad, you can post your *own* family recipes and photos to free of charge from any web browser (including the one on the iPad), and then access them in BigOven for the iPad right when you're cooking!

Or, let's say you're at a dinner party and want your friend's recipe for that fabulous dessert. Just tell them to post the recipe on -- it's free, and you'll have access to it forever on your iPad with a few taps of the keyboard.

BigOven Pro lets you easily build a grocery list from one or more recipes, plus any individual items you might want to add. Tapping and holding on any recipe in your grocery list will bring you right to that recipe.

You can add entire recipes to the grocery list, and the ingredients are automatically sorted by aisle for you. (You can check-off the items that you already have on hand before or after adding them to your grocery list.)

Change your mind? Simply delete one or more recipes from your grocery list and the ingredients for that recipe (and only that recipe!) are removed instantly.

Best of all, and unique to BigOven, your editable list carries with you across devices! will seamlessly synchronize your Grocery List, Favorites list, Try Soon list and Cooking Log with your online account, so this data is available on your iPhone and the web.

Offline cache: BigOven lets you save important recipes and your grocery list so you can access them even without wi-fi or 3G! Simply view a recipe and add it either to your Favorites list or Try Soon Queue. It, and the grocery list will be available for viewing even without an Internet connection! The remaining 170,000+ recipes stay safely stored on our online archive, which conserves memory on your iPad.

About the automatic Cooking Log: Go into "Prepare" mode for any recipe, and after a brief time, BigOven will log your choice on the server automatically, keeping a running list for you of what you've made, which is handy later on, and will help BigOven customize recommendations for you down the line. Free login required.

BigOven lets you access all this information on the go -- on your iPad, at the grocery store from your iPhone or other mobile phone, or from your work desktop computer.

Price includes 24x7 access to recipe servers. A free account is required for grocery list, Favorites, Recipes I've Made, and Try Soon functionality, and you must log in to use these features, so BigOven can synchronize for you.

If you don't yet have one, you can create one easily from the application, or at

With BigOven, you’ll see beautiful recipe photos on tens of thousands of recipes, get ratings from tens of thousands of users around the world, and can easily add your own.

The 1,000+ entry BigOven Food Glossary gives you tips and history on more than 1,000 ingredients and cooking terms.

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