Current Version Version: 1.2 (iOS 4.0 Tested)
Author Freeverse, Inc.
Price Free
Description Wage war against hundreds of others for realm domination! In this massively-multiplayer, city building strategy game, players follow three different quest lines, form alliances, and train different types of military, resource and technology units. Play against friends and others, chat in realtime, and watch your gorgeous city expand under intricate day-night cycles with dynamic particle effects in developer Infinite Lives' newest title. Collect Dragon Crystals to power up your city with magic and bring your foes to their knees!


- Build up your town and watch your minions go about their daily business in the City view, and then go to the World view to explore the land around your city

- Chat with other players online in real time and interact with other players through the messaging system.

- Train up to 16 different types of military units as well as 16 different types of resource and technology buildings to build.

- Build and upgrade resource buildings to increase your Gold, Lumber and Food production.

- Dragon Crystal meteors will periodically fall out of the sky, send your troops out to capture them and harvest that magical power to build magical buildings and units.

- War or Peace? Expand your empire by conquering and occupying neighboring cities, or form strategic alliances to gain intel about distant lands.

-Plus+ integration for leader boards, stats, and sharing your journey with friends and family!

CastleCraft is a massively multiplayer online game. No Subscription is required to play the game as of the 1.0.3 Update.

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